Entry: The Couple Saturday, September 27, 2008


Myla J Mendoza, mostly known as My/Life. A Kyla look alike, but guys, don't assume that she also sings like Kyla ok? This little lady who has an angelic face is always mistaken as quiet and deep type of person. Well, in real life, she has a very strong personality. You can never win an argument with her. Once she stares at you, you have nothing to do but follow or else the world will end. She's a frustrated singer, she always practice but through the years she still sings with one note. Her favorite song is "I Will Survive" and she always sings this every time she's invited to karaoke bars. Myla mastered the dancing and facial expressions but man… the singing is still terrible! ooopps, music to my ears pala…

Don't be deceived by her height, this girl is an Assistant Manager at BPI and have male subordinates that follow her? Silver Medallist of badminton tournament, loves to climb mountains and travel across the seas.

What do I like about her? Though she is small, she has a very big heart for helping family, friends and other people. A very religious person that never missed a single mass, novena and other occasions, a smart Computer Scientist that always has a solution on every problem.

My/Life drives me crazy. Every time I see her smile, I always say, the world is mine.SmileBig SmileSmile

The Groom

Romeo L Marcos Jr. goes by either Makoy or Jun. His allies call him Mak while his family and kababata call him Jun. Graduated with Engineering major which helped him develop games as one of his sideline jobs and be the most humble Senior Firmware Engineer in the country today. Naks!

He is very outspoken who brightens up one's day by his overflowing compliments and never ending jokes. An easy-go-lucky type of guy who turned into a serious macho gwapito ala Sergio (in maturity sense). This self-acclaimed composer loves to play guitar, keyboard and his boom box if there is nothing to do. Past time also includes EATing, cooking, singing and break dancing too! (surprise?! I'm telling the truth honey… <nod> <nod>…)

Yet, Mak has a sweet spot that I think all the girls will go gaga over when they find out. Always brings a positive aura because of his endearing smile and laugh. He is a hopeless romantic guy who puts my happiness before his.  Though sometimes misunderstood, in reality, he is very patient towards my tantrums and he never failed to show that he cares and understands.

I thank God for giving me the best man I have always longed for. Full of joy, I am definitely looking forward in spending the rest of my life with him. It's all worth the wait! Big SmileBig SmileBig Smile


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